Upcoming Beginner SCUBA Classes


No time like the present, get scuba certified! Call today for further details. Top reasons to become a diver:

1) Join the just over 2 million people in the world who are active divers.

2) Travel! Get ready to discover new dive locations and see amazing species, not to mention the ability to take unique selfies!

3) Enhance your education and non-verbal skill abilities.

4) Listen to Jacques Cousteau:  “The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”

Due to the COVID 19 outbreak most swimming pools in the 
Greater Cleveland area have closed causing limited classes, times
and number of students we can train.  We are also challenged as we 
cannot reserve pools more than a few months out creating an additional
challenge with scheduling.  Please check back often to see our updates and 
feel free to call the store for additional details. 
December 2020
Classes have been postponed due to COVID round 2.
January 2021
Orientation/Classroom: January 7 Thursday 6pm-8pm at PDR  
Pool Sessions:
     January 12 Tuesday 5:30-8:30pm 
     January 14 Thursday  5:30-8:30pm 
     January 21 Thursday  5:00-8:00pm 
Classroom: January 28 Thursday 6-8pm at PDR
Open Water Dives  
New 2021 dates will be updated soon