Local and U.S. Travel

Ready to dive America?

There is so much to see and dive right in our own country, yet we miss out!

Buckeye Scuba going to find the coolest places to dive and take you there.

Our domestic travel makes diving fun, a tad unusual and certainly will earn you bragging rights with your friends.  Come dives the kelp forest in California or the missile silo in Texas, maybe the hot springs in Utah might sound good during the chilly winter months?  We are going to find them and lead some classic American road trips.

We are not about just the unusual, our  Florida Keys and Florida wreck diving adventures are not going away.  We have over 10 years in a row diving the Keys and we are not stopping.  Mark your calendars as we dive the Keys every May!  Our 10 anniversary is this year and we have 26 people.

If you find something cool you think we should look into send us an e-mail and share it with us!

Check out our calender for where we are going this year!