The best Instructors are made here!

Buckeye Diving School is North East Ohio’s SSI Platinum Training Facility


Not only do we produce the best divers we make the best instructors!

Steve Bowles is our instructor trainer/certifier with over 20 years of diving experience. Using cutting edge training material and philosophy from Scuba Schools International we produce dive professionals with real world knowledge.

We are in the business of creating dive professionals.

Dive professionals are the truly committed diver.  They are the one’s who are so passionate for scuba diving they push all boundaries to become the best.  They search for every avenue to increase their knowledge and dive when ever and where ever possible.  Always searching for the next piece of equipment that will give greater control and more comfortable in the water.   Of these divers are an even smaller number who choose to share their passion for diving with others. These are the elite, these are the dive instructors.  In order to teach diving one must be experienced and highly trained.

Are you this person?  Are you prepared to become a dive professional?

Buckeye Diving School has a fabulous program to create the best dive professionals.  Call and schedule a personal meeting to begin your path to becoming a dive leader. (440)439-3677


Before we start you must have a few prerequisites under your belt. You will need the following:

Must be 18 or older

Must have a current physical (and be in good health)

Master Diver rating:  A combination of any 4 specialties, Stress & Rescue and 50 or more logged dives

Limited Visibility/Night Diving                                           Additional   Recommendations

Navigation                                                                                               Nitrox

Deep Diving                                                                                            Boat Diving

Search & Recovery                                                                            Dry Suit

Stress & Rescue                                                                                    Wreck Diving

CPR/First Aid

Oxygen Provider


The next step beyond this is the Science of Diving class.  This class reviews in greater detail the physics, philological, decompression theory, equipment and environment.


Upon completion students begin the Dive Control Specialist class.  This class is broken into 3 segments.

Dive Guide

Dive Master

Assistant Instructor

Beyond this  is the Open Water Instructor program.  I will detail more about this as the development of this site continues.