Drysuit Diving

Dry Suit Diving

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Dry suit diving is a tool.  It allows the diver to stay warmer, complete more dives in a day and endure longer dives when necessary.   Dry suit diving is not for everyone!  Cold water diving is not for everyone!  This tool gives the diver an ability to go where others cannot or will not.  It opens door to new worlds and allows the explorer to emerge.  People who dive dry see more and are more likely to keep diving than those without.

“When the northern days get shorter and the water gets colder – then the time for Dry Suit Diving has come.”

In North East Ohio and in the Great Lakes region some of the best visibility comes during the coldest months.  Algae dies and settles from the water column, ice forms and keeps the waves from string the water and amazing visibility beneath the surface is born.  Learn to wield this tool and see what others see and experience another side within the diving realm.

Dry suit class:

In this class we teach about the various materials and types of suits available.

Proper fitting


Dressing techniques

Care and Maintenance

Proper Weighting

Proper Buoyancy

Safety Skills

upon completion of this class you have a license to continue learning and mastering the art of dry suit diving.  This process will take many dives.  No training agency or instructor can make you a great diver without you participation, you MUST DIVE as often as possible to master this amazing tool.  You MUST OWN your own suit and train with it as often as you can.

Buckeye Scuba has many different dry suits in its rental inventory and will provide a suit for you if necessary.  We are strong proponents that you should learn to dive in your own suit.  If you want to be a drysuit diver you need your own suit.  They MUST be properly fit to your body shape and buying one off the internet is a sure recipe for disaster.   Before you buy your suit you owe it to yourself to talk to the professionals at Buckeye Scuba.  We have been diving dry longer than anyone else in North East Ohio!

Buckeye Scuba proudly sells and promotes the following suits.


Diving Concepts





Custom Dry Suits Available!

Custom dry suits take  up to 6 weeks to manufacture.

The primary goal of any SSI Specialty course is to teach you important skills in a fun environment. All courses are taught using SSI’s proven home study materials followed by an academic sessions, pool work and open water training.

Combine other specialties while taking the DRY SUIT DIVING course! EQUIPMENT TECHNIQUES or WRECK DIVING are great add on’s. The possibilities are limitless!