You have always wanted to learn how to SCUBA dive, make it a reality!

It has been something you have always wanted to do. Ever since you were a child you have seen scuba divers on T.V. or in movies and something inside just clicked and said “I want to do that”.  Well today is the day! Diving is no more expensive than any other activity.  It actually is cheaper due to durability of equipment and a generous age category.   Everyone has their personal reason for wanting to dive, what’s yours? Stop in or give us a call to set up a time to discuss if diving is for you!

If diving is your thing, Buckeye Diving School makes the best divers anywhere! We are the oldest and most respected dive store in North East Ohio having certified over 9,000 divers since 1964. Others have come and gone but the best is still leading the way!    You only learn to scuba dive once, do it right the first time.  Buckeye Diving School is “where the best divers are made”!

Buckeye’s expert training staff make learning to scuba dive easy.  Using the patent SSI home study program and the professional crew at Buckeye quickly erases anxiety and replaces it with FUN!  We teach real world skills in a safety conscious environment.  Buckeye uses top of the line dive equipment to promote your comfort and accelerate your learning process.   We offer a variety of classes in multiple locations around the greater Cleveland area and suburbs.  We accommodate all schedules and keep classes small to ensure you a quality education.  We don’t offer rushed classes we offer quality classes.  We can schedule your class to begin today! Call us to get started NOW our private classes mesh with your fast paced life!

Frequently asked question

Q. Do I need to know how to swim?

A. It is highly recommended that you know how to swim because you NEED to be relaxed in the water.  You MUST be comfortable putting your face in the water as it is unavoidable.

Q. How long are classes?

A. Class length is dependent upon the number of students in class and comfort level in the water.   Our scheduled classes are 5 to 6 sessions and each session is 3 hours long.  Each session consists of classroom review and in water training.  Private lessons will vary in number of sessions and duration of each session. Average class lengths is 12-16 hours of training.

Q. Where do you teach SCUBA classes?

A. Bedford H.S., Brecksville Community Center, Bedford YMCA, Cleveland State University, Cleveland Skating Club, Lakewood Community Center, Solon H.S., Macedonia Community Center just to name a few.  We can also teach at your private pool*

Q. How long does my SCUBA certification last?

A. Forever!  Once a diver always a diver.  Although certified for life you may be asked to take a “Scuba Skills Update” occasionally if you have not dove in more than 2 years.

Q. Am I a certified diver when I finish my pool and classroom training?

A. No, you will need to complete the Open Water Certification Dives.  This is a mandatory two day training class done in a real world environment.  Each diver must complete a least two dives on each day and demonstrate skills learned in the classroom and pool in the real world.

Q. What equipment do I need to get started?

A. Each new divers needs to own their own mask, snorkel, boots and fins.  This is the divers core equipment.  We recommend that each diver purchase their own wetsuit too so they are warm and happy during class.  Buckeye has a fantastic diver CORE package offered a a fantastic student price.

Q. Why do I need to buy my own equipment?

A. Poor fitting equipment will cause you to drop out of SCUBA.  If it dose not fit correctly you will not have fun and you will quit.  Another key reason to own the CORE equipment is it is very personal.  It is on your face, in your mouth and on your feet.

Q. What is the life expectancy of my dive equipment?

A. As long as the dog does not eat it or get stolen dive equipment seems to last around 10 years.  That’s better than a pair of ski, golf clubs or tennis rackets.

Q. Do I need a wetsuit?

A.  We recommend one but it is not mandatory.  Water absorbs body heat 25 times faster that the air so you will get colder in the water than you would in the air.  By staying warm you will increase you time underwater to see all the cool stuff.

Q. What are the age limits for learning to SCUBA dive?

A.  The minimum age is 10 years old.  We recommend beginning at 12 however if you child is mentally and physically ready we can make them divers.  We recommend stopping by the store so we can meet the family and the diver to be.  Pick up the educational material  as soon as possible.  This allows additional time for the parents and the child to read the manual and view the DVD together.  It is critical for this to be done together so you can help them understand some of the complex material.

Q. Are there any health restrictions to becoming SCUBA certified?

A. Absolutely!  You must be in good health to SCUBA dive.  if you have a medical condition or something from your past its best to get a doctors approval before continuing.  We value your health and safety at Buckeye Diving School, please be honest.


If you have additional questions please feel free to call us at 440-439-3677 or send us an email with your questions. fun@buckeyedive.com