Professional Diving Resources Repair Center

Professional Diving Resource, formerly Buckeye Diving School has been servicing the diving community for over 50 years. Covering a broad spectrum of repairs here is a list of services we offer.

Regulator service (all makes and models)
Buoyancy compensator service
Dive computer battery replacement
Pressure gauge console service
Scuba tank hydrostatic testing
Cylinder visual inspection
Cylinder O2 cleaning
Cylinder tumbling
Valve service
Drysuit repairs
Air fills for Scuba, paintball, airsoft and air rifles
Nitrox fills
Trimix fills
Oxygen fills
Argon fills

Commercial diving specialty services
Kirby Morgan annual helmet inspections
Minor gel coat repairs to Kirby Morgan fiberglass helmets
Insert replacements on Kirby Morgan fiberglass helmets
Full face mask repairs (AGA, Guardian, EXO, M48)
Swift water and ice diving suit repairs
Communication rope repairs
Communication module repairs
Communication box repairs (Kirby Morgan)