Tank service and Air Fills

Tank Service

Visual Inspection $15.00

Hydrostatic Test $40.00

Tank Tumble $50.00

Nitrox Cleaning Quote Only


Valve Service

Valve service includes labors and parts.

Additional parts not in service kits may be required at service at an additional charge.

K Valve (On/Off) $25.00

J Valve (reserve) $35.00

Din Valves $25.00

Doubles Manifolds $55.00

Burst Disc & Installation $15


Double Tank Service

Disassemble & Reassembly $25.00


Nitrox Fills

EANx VIP $17.00

32% Nitrox Fill $15.00

36% Nitrox Fill $16.00

Custom Blends Varies

Trimix blends Varies

Nitrox and Trimix “C” cards must be present or on file when picking up tanks.


Air Fills

2,250-3,000 Psi $8.00

3,001-3,500 Psi $9.00


Air fills are based on 80 cubic foot tanks or smaller.

Larger tanks incur and additional fee of $2.50 due to larger volume.


Air Fill Cards

3,000 Psi 10 Fill Card $72.00 You save $8.00

3,000 Psi 20 Fill Card $140.00 You save $20.00