Deposit of $400 holds your space!

Join us in Honduras to ring in 2019!

The pace is unhurried with white sand beaches and azure blue water. Barefoot Cay creates a feeling of calm and closeness with nature to a level few have experienced. Stay at Barefoot Cay and you will feel ‘a world apart’. Your hosts have assured that the accommodations have all the amenities you’d expect from a luxury resort. A romantic getaway. A private retreat. Totally secure and comfortable. Drinkable tap water. A clean, airy design that caters to those who appreciate a good book and hours of uninterrupted quiet. Or, enjoy the endless activities… beachcombing, salt or freshwater swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, kayaking, or motorized boat touring. Barefoot Cay truly is an oasis for those who love the tropics.This trip is perfect for families, non-divers and snorkelers.

Payment schedule and due dates: 

Trip Deposit $400

$550 March 2

$550 May 4

$550 July 13

Balance Oct 26


Diver (Double Occupancy):


Diver (Double



Included:  R/T airfare*, 7Nights lodging, 5 days of valet diving, all meals transfers & taxes, Add on 5  one tank boat dives $110

*Airfare rates TBA, final price may vary

**Select rooms limited to a first come first serve

Single Diver:  $4499-3225**

Non-diver:  $2775-$2099**



Not included: beverages, gratuity


This trip has a Starfish Rating of 2-3

Thank you for joining Professional Diving Resources for one of our many amazing adventures.  For your information and safety please read, sign, and return the following documents; Travel & Trip Cancellation Policies and the Liability Waiver.  We ask that you submit these at the time of deposit or within 48 hours of making the deposit.

These documents can be returned via email to, printed and dropped off or mailed to Professional Diving Resources.


8143 Broadview Rd.

Broadview Hts. Ohio 44147

Waiver of Liability PDF

SSI Waiver PDF download link

Cancellation policy PDF

Cancellation Policy PDF download link

Travel Flyer

Travel Flyer