So many times I see new divers toting a camera to capture those awesome first moments underwater.

What ends up happening in those pictures?  They come out blurry, blue, full of bubbles and so on.  I also see divers crashing into the bottom or trashing the visibility for everyone else.  These divers are also notorious for gobbling up the air making for very short dives.  Not a good way to make friends on a dive vacation.

A Sages advice

Focus on mastering buoyancy first.

Watch any serious photographer or avid amateur and they rule buoyancy. You cannot get a good picture when your arms are swinging around like egg beaters or you hear a voice in your ear  saying “contact”  as your arms prepare you for take off.

Try taking a perfect buoyancy class and master crawling before you decide to walk a mile.

Invest in your own dive equipment.
Repetition is the key to success in any activity.  Using the same equipment every time allows the diver to become consistent in the water.

Also invest in a photography class. The few dollars you spend on this class will pay off ten fold on the end product. That’s what this old sage did!

Scuba Steve